Thursday, August 25, 2011

MK9 Concepts & MK Redesigns

It's been a long time since I posted and the MK fans out there have been asking to see some of the concept art that I did for MK9.
I was only asked to do a few and with some very specific direction, but I also took the liberty of presenting a few concepts more to suit my own taste, hoping they would want to take the game in that direction. My redesigns.
The first three concepts I did (Reptile, Johnny Cage and Cryax), I had no interaction with the team and are the ones in which I branched out on my own.
I had just rolled off of another project and moved right to MK9 and these were the first pieces I showed to the guys. The first version of Cryax had a face that Ed Boon pointed out to look like Howard the Duck (he was right it did have the shape of Howard the Duck) so I changed that, but that was all I changed.

The next three I did (Milena, Sub Zero & Nightwolf) were directed by the team to look like what they did in MK2. I think they all turned out pretty good, but I was a little disappointed with what I did with Sub-Zero, he was always my fav of the MK characters and I think I could have iterated on him a few more times.
These were the last images I did for Midway Games before I left. I do have a bunch of earlier concepts from different MK pitches that have never seen the light of day. I will post them when the time is right I suppose...

check out my pages to see additional work:


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tim said...

Thanks, that looks great! =)
Vince, say, may I ask you something by PM?

tim said...

Thanks, that looks great! =)
Vince, say, may I ask you something by PM?

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DR Jam said...

Reptile is my favorite concept.
Cyrax needs just one bit of human flesh.

And honestly, Johnny Cage just looks awful. From the hair to the toes, again his hair is bad, m'k?! Oh, and the finger tattoos... heck no!

You got skills though.

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